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Bruce County Draft Master Transportation plan open for comments

Bruce County Council has approved a draft Master Transportation plan that would cost nearly $25 million to implement. The plan recommends improvements to road capacity to serve the growing population through the year 2035.

Roads suggested for enhancements such as widening with dedicated turn lanes include County Road 4, County Road 8, County road 20 and County Road 33. The County would also work with the MTO to improve Highway 21. A number of county road sections would also be reviewed for appropriate improvements.

The plan suggests $200 million worth of work over ten years to address issues with road and bridge infrastructure. It also suggests the county take a direct role in funding or operating specialized transit services. The plan includes things like shoulder bike lanes and streets that accommodate pedestrians and cyclists

Residents can review the Master Plan and comment between September 28th and October 29th, 2021.

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