Annual Mayor's Golf Tournament ready to tee off in Minto

Intake applications are now open for the Minto Mayor's Golf Tournament.

Mayor Dave Turton says the tournament was started in 2011 by then Mayor George Bridge and town staff. The goal was to hold a unique fundraiser for local groups and non-profits. Turton notes that when the groups sign up, they don't just get the money, they actually come out and help with the tournament.

"They have to go out and round up some sponsorships, and then the day of the event, which is held at Pike Lake with a shotgun start at 1 p.m., the groups that are involved, they have to help out. So they need to show up and manage a hole, or manage the putting competition, things like that," Turton explained.

Organizations within the Town of Minto that wish to apply for intake funding from the tournament must fit into one of three categories: Community Betterment, Service Club, or Sports Club. Mayor Turton says the selection process for the groups that will benefit is pretty simple.

"Has this group been involved before, how often do they apply to get involved, and if they were involved last year, then we decline them or pick someone else because we always have a great selection of different groups. Some of the groups that apply, you really see the need," added Turton.

Turton says that the golfers that come out and play always have a great time, and typically many of the same players return over the years.

"We have a lot of the same people coming back because it's a lot of fun and people see where their donation goes. With everybody that pays to come and play, a certain part of that goes to Pike Lake and a big part of it goes to the return for the four of five groups that are involved," Turton noted.

With the tournament rolling into year 14, Turton says it means a lot for him and staff to continue the tradition.

"I've been on council for quite a number of years and I was around when this started and it was just a great idea. Everybody just kind of gets involved, they come, they golf, they have dinner and go home, and there it is, another year done. We always have people on our waiting list because it's really great for our community, first of all. Good for the economy, bringing people in from all over the place," Turton said.

When asked about the current state of his own golf game, Mayor Turton gave a very humble answer.

"I'm still hitting from the white tees, if I break 100 I'm happy," Turton chuckled. "I'm usually around 90, I can get to 85 if I cheat a bit, but, you're only cheating yourself."

This year's tournament is Thursday, August 8 at Pike Lake. For more information about the tournament, or to obtain an application form to apply for the proceeds call 519-338-2511 ext 233, email Applications will be accepted until March 8. The tournament has helped 46 groups and raised over $144,000 in the first 13 years.

The sign-up process to play in the tournament will likely get started in mid-March.

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