Jessica Preston, CHSS student (Photo by Bob Montgomery) Jessica Preston, CHSS student (Photo by Bob Montgomery)

CHSS students to collect food for local food bank

The graduating class at Central Huron Secondary School will be conducting a food drive around Clinton on Wednesday, June 7.

Grade twelve student Jessica Preston says it's a project for her Challenge and Change class, but it's also a way for all of the students to give back to their community. Preston also points out it's a problem that is growing and yet many people aren't aware of it.

“Hunger has just been such an on-going issue and I feel like a lot of people aren't even aware of it and especially since the pandemic it's really gotten extremely bad so we need to start getting together and giving people in need more food," Preston said.

Preston says they're hoping to have fifty to sixty student participating in the food drive.

So the food drive will be from nine till eleven on Wednesday June 7.

“So our graduating class is going to walk around Clinton. We'll basically just be going door to door and collecting canned foods, non perishables, feminine hygiene products are also very in demand, anything that's not expired," Preston explained.

Preston says the food will all be donated to a local food bank and she says they would really appreciate it if people could leave their donations out on the front porches the morning of June 7. She says they'll break the students up into groups and assign a part of the town to each group.

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