More projects for trail planned

The group that is responsible for fundraising for the Goderich to Guelph Rail Trail is hoping to get things lined up for some more improvements this year.

The Co-Chair of the G2G fundraising committee says they're hoping to go to tender this spring on the restoration of the culvert under County Road 25 outside of Blyth.

Chris Lee says the culvert was decommissioned about 15 years ago.

"Currently when you go west out of Blyth on the trail, you have to climb up the side of a bank about 40 feet high and cross a busy piece of highway and make your way down the bank on the other side. And it doesn't have good lines of sight, it's not a safe crossing," explained Lee.

Lee adds the work will cost about $500,000 and they have a little more than 20 per cent of that now. He says they've also applied for several infrastructure grants, but he adds, the more participation they can get from local people and users of the trail, the more credibility that adds to the project.

In 2020, the group completed a re-surfacing of the trail and it made a huge difference in the number of people using it.

In the meantime, engineers are working out the specifics of the current goal, so they can go out to tender this spring.

More information about the project can be found at https://sites.google.com/g2grailtrail.com/blythtunnel.

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