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HPPH closes local restaurant refusing to follow health order from province

Huron-Perth Public Health has closed the indoor dining area of a local restaurant refusing to comply with a province wide health directive.

In a release, HPPH states that in late October, inspections were carried out in North Huron following reports that COVID-19 health guidelines were not being followed. According to the Reopening of Ontario Act, business owners must ensure that every patron can provide proof of identification, proof of being vaccinated against COVID-19 or proof of a valid exemption. As the result of a follow-up investigation into one business, a Section 22 Order was issued on November 5th to Buck and Jo’s in Wingham. Under Section 22, a Medical Officer of Health can issue an order to “require a person to take or to refrain from taking any action in respect of a communicable disease.”

A follow-up visit to Buck and Jo's on November 12th resulted in pending charges to the business as HPPH found them to still not be compliant with provincial health measures. HPPH directed the business owners to close the indoor dining area of the business. Delivery and takeout options are still permitted.

“In response to the pandemic, the province, through the Reopening Ontario Act has required that all businesses and organizations that are permitted to be open take additional actions to mitigate against COVID-19 transmission,” says Dr. Miriam Klassen, Medical Officer of Health for Huron Perth. “In particular, more than 1000 food premises (including 290 indoor dining restaurants) in Huron Perth have been working hard under challenging conditions to keep workers and patrons safe. We are grateful to the many operators in our region who continue to work with HPPH in meeting provincial requirements.”

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