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UPDATE: Tornado warnings end in Midwestern Ontario following afternoon reports of tornados in the area

**Updated as of 5:14 p.m., September 7th, 2021**

Environment Canada has ended tornado warnings in Midwestern Ontario following numerous tornado reports this afternoon.

A tornado was reported in Port Elgin and west of Point Clark this afternoon. It was shared via Twitter by Instant Weather Ontario, which shares local tornado information province wide. The Northern Tornados Project also logged 4 tornados in the area in recent days. There were 3 non-supercell EF0s entirely over Lake Huron on the evening of September 5th, and 1 EF0 from a supercell that moved from Lake Huron onshore north of Goderich near 4 am the next day.

If you are in the path of a tornado, get to the lowest area possible, preferably a basement of a sturdy structure and get to the most interior room that has as many walls between you and the outside as possible.

Saugeen Shores Police Service issued the following statement just after 5 p.m.:

"Saugeen Shores has experienced a significant weather event resulting in widespread damage to trees and hydro lines.  Emergency crews are trying to reach people as soon as they can. Police are requesting that residents stay in their homes and vehicles until emergency crews have had a chance to assess any dangers."

There have also been reports of power lines down between Southampton and Sauble, and on County Road 1 in Lucknow. If you come across downed power lines, avoid them and do not attempt to approach them or move them.

At one point, tornado warnings covered parts of Huron, Grey, Bruce and North Wellington counties.

— Instant Weather Ontario (@IWeatherON) September 7, 2021

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