Huron Waves Music Festival logo. (Courtesy of the Huron Waves Music Festival)Huron Waves Music Festival logo. (Courtesy of the Huron Waves Music Festival)

Local music festival asking residents for location suggestions for new video

The Artistic Director of the Huron Waves Music Festival is looking for a little help from Huron County residents.

John Miller explains COVID-19 prevented them from hosting live concerts last spring, so last December they released a video, called Celebrate the Season with Huron Waves and that was very popular. And, since COVID is still with us they're getting ready to start production on a second video, Celebrating the Summer Season with Huron Waves. And this is where the request for help comes in.

"So because of that, I'm searching for interesting spots in Huron County, where we can set some of our singers and performers in what will be, I hope, another interesting one hour program."

Miller says he's looking for any kind of scenic location that people might feel doesn't get the recognition it deserves.

"We'd like to hear from the people of Huron County, really Southwestern Ontario, who have some ideas of interesting spots that they don't think get enough attention from other people who live in Huron County, in Southwestern Ontario."

Miller is inviting people to send their suggestions to with the location and a description of the spot they have in mind. They're hoping to shoot the video in May and June and release it in July.

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