13 experts in animal nutrition and food safety will look at butter consistency

Dairy Farmers of Canada has assembled 13 experts in animal nutrition and food safety to investigate concerns regarding the consistency of butter.

A release posted on dairyfarmersofcanada.ca says the working group includes prominent academics from across the country with a diverse range of expertise, and all are recognized as leaders in their fields.

The group will include participation from dairy processors and farm-level experts.

"The working group is led by experts of high integrity and will examine issues related to butter hardness and fat supplementation using a rigorous, evidence-based approach. The working group will set the scope of its work, not industry associations, and will follow the science wherever it may lead so that consumers can have the utmost confidence in our work," said Lactanet Chief Operations Officer Daniel Lefebvre.

The group's mandate consist of the following points: -Confirm whether there are, or have been, changes in the characteristics of butter -Review literature to assess current science as it relates to feeding of palm fat supplements to cows, milk composition, milk handling and processing techniques, and health and safety supplements (palm oil) -Identify gaps in research or data -Review the level of sustainability of various types of palm fat supplements, including by-products -Assess the role and nutritional value of palm fat supplements for dairy cows

Those chosen for the group: -Daniel Lefebvre, Lactanet -Anthony Hanley, University of Toronto -Richard Bazinet, University of Toronto -David Kelton, University of Guelph -Rachel Gervais, Université Laval -Yves Pouliot, Université Laval -Jean-Francois Ménard -Elaine Scott, Consumers Association of Canada -Mathieu Frigon, Dairy Processors Association of Canada -Ed Friesen, Dairy Farmers of Canada -Bita Farhang, Dairy Farmers of Ontario -Woody Siemens, British Columbia Milk Marketing Board -Chantal Fleury, Quebec Milk Producers

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