The NWMO Learn More Centre in Ripley. (Photo by Craig Power)The NWMO Learn More Centre in Ripley. (Photo by Craig Power)

NWMO releases transportation draft plan

The Nuclear Waste Management Organization has released a draft plan for the transportation of used nuclear fuel.

Used fuel is currently stored at existing reactor sites across Canada and would need to be transported to a central repository site.

The site selection is scheduled to named in 2023 in an area with informed and willing hosts, and the DGR would be in operation in the 2040's.

South Bruce is one of the areas that is being considered for a Deep Geologic Repository.

Since 2016, there has has been work on a transportation plan. The newest report is called 'Moving Forward Together - An Invitation to Review a Draft Planning Framework for the Transportation of Used Nuclear Fuel'. It's now available for communities to look at and for them to comment on.

Public feedback is being encouraged and information sessions, online virtual presentations, and conversations about transportation will take place over the coming months.

More information will be shared at and NWMO's social media channels.

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