Homeless man. (Photo courtesy of Downtown Mission)Homeless man. (Photo courtesy of Downtown Mission)

United Way says more needs to be done for homeless

Beds at Huron Turning Point have doubled to help homeless men in the Exeter area.

There are now six beds.

"So we're excited that we can help in one significant way by funding Huron Turning Point to have three additional beds to help men who are experiencing homelessness in the region to have a chance at turning the corner, so it's a really important part of the process of helping people in the region," said Ryan Erb, Executive Director of the Perth-Huron United Way.

But Erb said homelessness has become a huge problem in parts of Huron County over the last year.

"We need to do a much better job of rapidly re-housing people and certainly Turning Point is part of that because someone can stay there for up to a year and permanent housing is sought for them while they're in the program as well. So we're preparing them for being housed more independently, but we also know that they need much more supportive housing in the region," added Erb.

Erb added many of the people needing housing are also dealing with mental health or addiction issues and counselling is made available to them while they are in the program.

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