Photo by Kirk ScottPhoto by Kirk Scott

Rally held in support of indigenous protests

Supporters of native protests happening across the country rallied in Owen Sound Friday.
The numbers in Owen Sound were about evenly spread between indigenous and non-indigenous people.
Shay Lyn McKay is of First Nations heritage and lives in Owen Sound. She says it's important to support the Wet'suwet'en peoples' right to control what happens on their land.
"They have unceded land and they've won the right to that land under Canadian law multiple times now so I connect to that because it's important. It's sovereignty," said McKay.
Dave Beverly-Foster is non native from the Chesley area. He says blockades may seem drastic, but they're needed.
"It's been a drastic situation for indigenous people for a long time and it takes sometimes extreme, if you want to call it that, action to make people realize that because everybody is involved in this whether they realize it or not. As Canadians."
A larger demonstration was also planned later yesterday on Saugeen Ojibway land near Southampton.

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