Owen Sound RallyOwen Sound Rally

Owen Sound rally protests cuts to public services

People rallied in Owen Sound Friday.

It was exactly one year ago to the day Doug Ford's PC party won the provincial election. About 50 people paraded in front of PC MPP Bill Walkers office to protest provincial policies including cuts to education and health care as well as a restriction on public service pay increases.

The rally was organized by the Grey Bruce Labour Council and included members of teachers' unions, public service employees and health care workers.

The Labour Council's Dave Trumble says they want the government to know the protests are not going to end.

"It's just a reminder that one year ago today we entered the dark world of the Doug Ford government and we wanted to make sure Doug Ford knew and Bill Walker knew and any other MPP, because there are several actions across Ontario today, that we're not going away and we're going to keep reminding them that Ontario is not their playground," said Trumble.

He adds the Grey Bruce Labour Council wants people to remember that in the coming federal election, there are viable alternatives the Liberals and Tories.

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