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New Goderich group to focus on reducing plastic waste

The focus of the newly-formed Green Goderich group during its first year will be around plastic pollution.

"Our main focus for the first year is definitely going to be around plastic pollution and reducing plastic getting into the system and then once they're in the system, making sure they don't float around the countryside and they get recycled or into the garbage," said Goderich resident Jim Hollingsworth.

But Hollingsworth added that they want to keep their mandate broad enough to allow them to focus on other issues, like climate change, and what can be done to reduce the impact of that.

"We have a second focus on retail and restaurants in terms of moving away from plastics and single-use plastics and towards either compostable or reusable items. But we are not focused on banning plastic," he said.

Instead, Hollingsworth said they will use the model that was so successful with the Blue Bayfield group, which consisted more of education than demanding plastics be banned.

More information about Green Goderich can be found on their website.

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