PPC gathering supporters in Midwestern Ontario

The leader of the People's Party of Canada feels his party is poised to perform well in Midwestern Ontario.

Maxime Bernier spoke to CKNX News on Wednesday and said his party's top priority right now is securing candidates to run in the federal election in at least 304 ridings, which would automatically put him on the stage for the federal debates to be held in October.

So far, the PPC has named candidates in two local ridings; acclaiming Bill Townsend in Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound and Ken Metzger in Perth-Wellington.

The Huron-Bruce PPC Riding Association has yet to schedule a meeting to select its candidate but confirms they have one candidate currently in their vetting process.

"It's been a big challenge, but I'm pleased with the result up until now," said Bernier. "When we started the party in September last year, we had about 30,000 founding members, but now we're around 40,000 members total. With these members, we have been able to build riding associations in every riding in this country, and we did that in less than five months".

The People's Party of Canada has already raised over $1.5 million after only seven months of existence, a number Bernier said he is happy with.

"People are coming because they like the ideas and the way we are doing politics. We are doing it differently; no pandering, and no political correctness. We are saying what needs to be said in this country, and debating the real issues," he said.

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