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Ontario Dietitians Want Politicians To Address Food Insecurity

The Huron County Health Unit and Ontario Dietitians in Public Health are urging individuals and organizations to contact provincial party leaders about the need for immediate action on food insecurity.

Public Health Dietician Amy MacDonald says that food insecurity is associated with inadequate nutrient intake, and when people cannot afford to buy nutritious food. They're more likely to have poor health, more stress and depression, and they're at risk of having difficulty managing any chronic illness.

They believe food insecurity is an 'income issue', rather than a "food issue".

She explains, "Whether it's working at a minimum wage job, working part-time, precarious jobs or receiving social assistance or living on a fixed income for another reason, people are having difficulty after they pay rent and utilities having enough money left to actually buy nutritious enough nutritious food."

They encourage strategies like basic income guarantee or adequate social assistance rates that consider the actual cost of living and the actual cost of nutritious food.

MacDonald says they are urging all residents and organizations to put pressure on the candidates and leaders in this Provincial election to address the issue of food insecurity.

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