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Perth-Wellington NDP Choose Candidate

The Perth-Wellington New Democrats have selected their candidate for the upcoming provincial election.

Michael O'Brien is a retired metallurgical engineer who lives in Stratford with his wife. He worked in the province's manufacturing sector and says he has seen the decline of this vital sector under Liberal and Conservative governments.

"Under the Liberals and Conservatives, too many people lost good paying manufacturing jobs that supported communities in Southwestern Ontario. They did nothing to stem the loss of over 300,000 family-supporting jobs. And, they certainly never did anything to make people’s lives more affordable,” said O'Brien.

O'Brien said 15 years of Liberal government has meant privatization and cuts to the public services that families depend on in Perth-Wellington.

“I look forward to this election so I can provide people in Perth-Wellington with a better and more inspiring choice than the Liberals and Conservatives who have only made life harder for people," stated O'Brien.

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