Paisley's bridge over the Teeswater River, Friday, Feb. 23rd. (Kirk Scott photo)Paisley's bridge over the Teeswater River, Friday, Feb. 23rd. (Kirk Scott photo)

Waters Recede Beneath Main Bridge Near Paisley

With the water levels receding, the flooding fears at the main bridge in Paisley have receded as well.

Arran Elderslie Deputy Mayor Mark Davis says the fear of a potential flood is no longer there.

"I talked to the Saugeen Valley Conservation Authority and they're pulling their people and the county is pulling their people as well, and they consider the threat to be over. I would say maybe there's 5 feet of clearance under the bridge now, and at one point it was up over and there was no clearance."

Davis notes that because of the lower water levels, the concern about the ice jam up river isn't as dire.

"They feel secure that it's low risk at this point. Certainly there's a lot of ice sitting there, but with the river going down it will start to settle, and it didn't come with high flow so it likely won't with low flow. Plus there's room under the bridge now to pass it through."


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