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North Perth Crosswalk Safety Campaign Underway

North Perth OPP and bylaw officers will focus on crosswalk violations after increasing concerns about safety.

LED lights and additional signage are being installed around crosswalks to increase awareness.

The municipality reminds drivers to stop a safe distance from the crosswalk, and to wait until the pedestrian is off the road before moving.

Pedestrians should never assume vehicles can quickly stop at crosswalks.

At school crosswalks, drivers must stop a safe distance from the crosswalk when the crossing guard has their stop sign in the upright position preparing to enter the roadway and/or is directing pedestrians across the road.

Pedestrians should always follow the direction of the crossing guard when using school crosswalks. For crosswalks where a crossing guard is not present, pedestrians must either obey signalized traffic lights or wait until there is a safe gap in traffic to cross.

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