Bruce Grey MP Says Seniors Are Suffering From Changes To The GIS

Bruce-Grey Owen Sound MP Larry Miller wants the federal government to reverse recent changes to the Guaranteed Income Supplement program.

He says the changes will impact a number of seniors - not only in Grey and Bruce counties, but across Canada.

Miller says the GIS provides a monthly non-taxable benefit to Old Age Security pension recipients who have a low income.   He says spouses of individuals admitted to long-term care facilities will no longer be able to be assessed as single.

Miller says seniors face the anxiety of living away from their spouse and now increased financial stress.

He says now that the provision has been quietly discontinued, a number of seniors are facing the immense economic burden of living below the poverty level.

He says a when one partner needs to be admitted to long term care, the couple suddenly has to pay not only for their home but also for the long term care room.    A basic ward room costs $1,819 a month.  That means a significant amount of the resident's income has to go toward that new cost.

He says some seniors are considering divorce just to receive money they need to survive.

Bruce-Grey Owen Sound Conservative MP Larry Miller.

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