Support Voiced For Perth County Farm Surplus Severances

Farmers in Perth County may be one step closer to being allowed to sell surplus farm dwellings.

Farm consolidation in the region has resulted in hundreds of dwellings being classified as 'surplus', but until now the County's Official Plan has prohibited them from being sold as residential properties separate from the farm.

The province allows for surplus dwellings to be severed from the property and sold as residences, but Perth County is a different story.

Surplus farm dwelling severance has been a point of contention in the region for many years and the previously elected council had promised to hold a public meeting on the subject.

Perth South Mayor Bob Wilhelm explained that the issue has been the subject of lengthy discussion and debate. “I think that Perth South and West Perth both feel that they perhaps see a larger number of farm consolidations and therefore probably are seeing more houses that have been or could be tore down because the consolidation farmers don't want to be landlords.”

Wilhelm stated that the current council intends to honour that promise and a date for a public meeting is expected soon.

**Story by Victor De Jong**

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