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Perth OPP Respond To 40 Collisions During Storm

It's been a busy 24-hour period for provincial police in our area. Perth County OPP officers responded to a total of 40 collisions between yesterday morning and this morning.

Most of the calls involved vehicles in snow filled ditches. There were several where vehicles crashed into guardrails, fence posts, or trees. Damage and injuries were relatively minor, because of the slow speed that vehicles were travelling.

One collision yesterday afternoon involved a snow plow and a pickup truck. The pickup truck lost control on Hwy. 8 at County Rd. 145 and slid into the township plow as it was making a turn. There were no injuries. The pickup truck sustained moderate damage, while there was only minor damage to the plow.

Later in the afternoon along Hwy. 7/8 west of Shakespeare, a tow truck was pulling a vehicle out of the ditch when it was hit by another vehicle. The tow truck driver who was working outside of his vehicle narrowly escaped injuries. Damage to all the vehicles involved was minor.

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