South Bruce Hosting agreement for nuclear fuel bunker explained

The South Bruce Community Liaison Committee (CLC) learned about the municipality's hosting agreement with the Nuclear Waste Management Organization (NWMO) for a nuclear fuel bunker.

At the meeting July 4th, the South Bruce Nuclear Exploration Team reviewed how the agreement addresses South Bruce’s Guiding Principles related to economic impacts, financial compensation and infrastructure needs.

According to a media release, South Bruce’s 36 Guiding Principles are based on expectations, aspirations, key concerns, and resident's questions about the proposed Deep Geological Repository for high level nuclear waste.

The municipality said the principles serve as a foundation of South Bruce’s continued, intensive review of the NWMO Project.

Project Manager Dave Rushton and Community Engagement Officer Steve Travale presented sections of the Hosting Agreement, as well as other documents, studies and legislation that speak to 10 of the 36 Principles.

Some key NWMO commitments that are part of the Hosting Agreement include funding for additional services and infrastructure upgrades required for the project, such as a traffic analysis plan.

The committee was told that NWMO will also support local suppliers and businesses, if the community becomes a willing host and is selected to host the Project. They will provide opportunities for employment and training programs, as well.

If the project goes ahead, the NWMO will create a joint Implementation Committee, and develop a Mutual Aid Agreement to coordinate emergency response.

More information on how South Bruce’s 36 Guiding Principles are addressed is available on the municipal website.

The next CLC meeting will take place on August 8 at 7 p.m. and will cover the remaining Guiding Principles, which relate to Safety and the Environment, and, Governance and Engagement.

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