Speed concerns addressed by municipal staff

Perth East addressed some local concerns brought forth by some residents regarding speed on main street in Milverton at council on Tuesday, December 5.

Jake Collings, Manager of Public Works and Parks, says council had received complaints recently and decided to look into it.

"There was kind of a perception that traffic was travelling through town higher than the posted speed. So we put up a device to try and put together some quantitative data on what that actually looks like," Collings explained.

Collings says there weren't any further discussions or fixes discussed for the issue following the presentation of the data this week.

"There was no further discussion because simply put there isn't an issue. Our data indicates that traffic is generally complying with the posted speed. Of course you're gonna have some that are over that posted limit, but an average of 51 km/h is pretty good for a posted limit of 50 km/h. So at this point there was no direction for further traffic calming measures or anything like that," stated Collings.

However, despite not seeing an issue on Main Street, Collings acknowledges there are concerns on another street.

"So on Mill Street East that goes down past the school. I think there's gonna be something coming to our next council meeting on that. There's actually a petition going around on that, as well. I haven't seen it yet but that's what I've been told. But really that main area around the school is, in particular, an area we wanna look at. Our staff have actually already put up the radar device and are currently collecting data on that street, so we'll see what kind of information we get on that," Colling concluded.

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