Photo courtesy of by redjar via Flickr.Photo courtesy of by redjar via Flickr.

Protect your pets in the heat wave

The sweltering weather is not only a threat to people, pets also feel the heat.

The Humane Society of Kitchener Waterloo & Stratford Perth (HSKWSP) warns people to never leave their pets in a car on warm days, not even for a moment.

Director of Community Engagement and Outreach, Calla James, said even mild days are a dangerous time to leave a pet in the car

"Even in mild temperatures, a lot of people say, you know, if my car's in the shade, and I crack the window, they'll be OK. But that's actually not true. The temperature in a vehicle, even on a mild day in the shade, can get to very high temperatures that are too high for a dog to sustain," she warned.

"A dog's normal body temperature is about 39 degrees, and a body temperature of 41 degrees Celsius can be withstood for only a very short period of time, so for the dog to suffer irreparable brain damage or even death so minutes can mean the difference between life and death." James added.

"If you're travelling, take somebody with you, and have them able to get them {the pets} out of the car or seek out pet friendly places where you can shop," she suggested.

She says pet parents should keep walks short and watch for signs their dog is overheating,

"If they're starting to get warm, excessive panting, seeking water, that's the time when you might be looking at.... heat exhaustion where they can still walk, but they seem a little more lethargic. That's the time to take a break, and get them in the shade, and get them in the AC, and get them some water," explained James.

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