Museums look to attract more visitors through the summer

Museums are looking to bring back more people through the summer through a number of initiatives.

That includes the Stratford Perth Museum.

With current exhibits such as the Anne Frank exhibit and Justin Bieber: Steps to Stardom, another initiative is to enjoy outdoor theatre.

Starting in July the outdoor stage will host all seven Walt Wingfield plays performed by Rod Beattie.

General manager John Kastner says museums were closed for a number of weeks through the COVD pandemic.

"And the thing for us, is I mentioned when we opened in March, I had mentioned at our annual meeting, which was the third week in February, the Stratford Perth Museum, and all museums in Ontario, this was the minimum, had been closed for 55 of the previous 92 weeks," said Kastner.

"It was tough to be sure, I mean socially and psychologically, the big thing for museums is to have the great day when there is lots of people here. And we have all sorts of people coming through the museum whether it's to see the exhibits, or whether it's for school groups or for programming or concerts."

Kastner says museums play an important part in the community and have stories to tell that can relate to current society.

He uses the exhibit, Anne Frank: A History for Today, as an example.

"There's real lessons in that for us," said Kastner. "I think that really resonates with us here at the museum as well as the people that come here is you can't stop learning and you can't stop looking at history and how it relates and impacts today."

The Walt Wingfield series will start Sunday, July 3 and run for seven consecutive Sundays. There are provision for rain dates.

“It’s a thrill to be back ‘in harness,’ as Walt’s horses might say, and to be doing it at the museum’s  beautiful facility,” stated Rod Beattie in a release. “I’ve never had the chance (or the challenge) of doing all seven of the wonderful Wingfield scripts, all in one engagement. It’s going to be an amazing summer both for old friends of Walt Wingfield and for folks new to his adventures.”

Tickets are available at stratfordperthmuseum.ca.

The Wingfield Series: July 3 - Letter From Wingfield Farm July 10 - Wingfield’s Progress July 17 - Wingfield’s Folly July 24 - Wingfield Unbound July 31 - Wingfield On Ice August 7 - Wingfield’s Inferno August 14 - Wingfield Lost and Found

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