Goderich Rotary Club partners with Clean Clinton team

The Goderich Rotary Club has joined forces with Central Huron Secondary School's Clean Clinton environmental team to help reduce the use of single-use plastics.

Rotarian, Colleen McGregor, says the idea for a partnership followed a presentation to the Rotary Club by Ray Letheran and Betty Durst, from Blue Bayfield and another Rotarian, who is also a teacher at Central Huron.

"A teacher there has the environmental club, called Clean Clinton and she took this booklet to them and they in turn produced a digital information slide that I could take back to Rotary."

She says the slide is called ten easy ways to reduce single-use plastics.

"They went from something very negative and they turned it to something positive, they said, here's things that everyone can do. So i will be taking that to our membership and asking them to incorporate this in their everyday lives."

McGregor says she'll be taking that back to the Rotary Club and ask them to incorporate the ten steps into their regular routines.

McGregor says she looks forward to working with the Clean Clinton team on other projects, whether it involves reducing the use of plastics or on other environmental projects.


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