Huron County company launches medical records platform

A Huron County company has launched a platform that will allow people to keep track of their medical records and share that information with family members.

Tamvoes Health Inc. co-founder, Madison McBay, says the platform is overall a family health management platform that allows people to track their symptoms.

"It's to be able to share this information with your family members. It's overall a family health management platform where you can track your symptoms, including temperature and pulse and many others and also have a chronological order of your events within your journal," said McBay.

McBay says eventually they're going to collaborate with lawyers and financial planners.

"Eventually we're going to be collaborating with lawyers and financial planners who will be having all of their clients upload their wills and their power of attorney onto the site and you can track this information and also share it with your family members. So it will be similar to what the medical side of the platform does right now," added McBay.

McBay says COVID-19 has forced them to focus on the medical side of the platform now but they're hoping to expand the platform soon.

More information about the platform can be found on the Tamvoes web site.

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