(BlackburnNews.com photo by Dave Dentinger)(BlackburnNews.com photo by Dave Dentinger)

Drivers are asked to be kind to turtles crossing roads

Eight species of turtles, who are native to Ontario, are now considered 'species at risk'.

Hope Brock of the Ausable Bayfield Conservation Authority said that's partly due to the loss of wetlands.

"Turtles like to live in wetlands. We also see a really high concentration of roads, especially where we live and turtles often cross the road to feed or to breed or to find new habitat," she said.

Brock said she's asking drivers to be aware of the potential for coming across a turtle on the road, particularly near a wetlands area or a creek.

"We're coming into nesting season and they will be crossing roads to find that spot to lay their eggs, so if you know you're approaching an area where turtles might be on the road, so that could be a wetland or a creek, just keep an eye out and slow down," said Brock.

She also said if a driver has to opportunity to pull over safely when they see a turtle on the road, pick it up and take it off the road in the direction in which it was moving.

She said there are lots of suggestions on the internet on how that be done safely.

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