Mildmay And Durham Businesses Honoured At Agri-Food Conference

A winery based in Mildmay is getting recognized by the province for product innovation.

At the Ontario Agri-Foods awards in Innisfuil this weekend, Hoitey Toiety Cellars in Mildway was one of the seven groups recognized under the Agri-Food Innovation Excellence award.

Officials say the wine-and-cider-maker was recognized after a harsh winter in 2013, when the group was left with a diminished grape crop. Gary and Diane Fischer were still able to make a product from fermented frozen grape juice, meaning they can make the wine year-round.

Dornoch Hops of Durham also received an award for "revolutionizing" the hops industry by using certain root cutting techniques to  increase success rates from 60%, up to 100%.

For more on both businesses, and the other winners from Bruce, Grey and Simcoe County, click here.

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