Bluewater Election Recounts Withdrawn

There won't be any recounts stemming from the municipal election in Bluewater.

Challenger Heather Reddick and incumbent Kay Wise had both initially filed for recounts in Zurich and Hensall respectively. They have since withdrawn those requests.

In the Zurich ward, Reddick lost to incumbent Janice Zimmerman by just three votes. While in Hensall, incumbent Wise lost to challenger Marnie Hill by 15 tallies.

"The recount is not automatic," says Bluewater CAO Gary Long. "The request has to come from the candidate, then there has to be a council motion directing the clerk and election staff to conduct the recount."

Long says had the requests not been withdrawn, they would have gone to a vote by council and if they were passed the recount would proceed.

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