Bayfield River Flats 1, Photo by community member Jack Pal. Bayfield River Flats 1, Photo by community member Jack Pal.

Construction begins on Walkway from Bayfield to River Flats

The project to create a new walkway under Highway 21 to the Bayfield River Flats began this month with a pre-construction meeting.

The Bayfield River Valley Trail Association (BRVTA) manages the Bayfield River Flats Natural Area property, which is owned by The Huron Tract Land Trust Conservancy (HTLTC), through donations of the community.

So far, $65,000 has been raised toward the $70,000 project. The Huron Tract Land Trust Conservancy called for tenders and awarded the $70,000 project to VanDriel Excavating.

Earlier in April, representatives from B. M. Ross and Associates Limited (engineering), HTLTC, Hydro One, VanDriel Excavating Inc., and the BRVTA gathered at the site and discussed the job requirements.

Conservancy spokesperson Roger Lewington said construction of a new bridge opened the opportunity to connect the community to the property.

"When the new Bayfield Bridge was constructed, we had asked for a under bridge walkway so we could have pedestrian access from the village, to the property," he pointed out. "And that was agreed to as part of the bridge construction was completed a year or two ago. But we have to pay for the connector section on our property side down to the river."

Construction will begin by the end of the month.

"Bayfields very much a walking village, so this gives that opportunity to be able to walk there, and really, walk there safely," Lewington said. "We don't want families or children having to cross the highway, if you can go under the bridge"

Lewington stressed the importance of connecting the community to this natural area, as the creation of a new pedestrian walkway will mean people don’t have to drive from Bayfield to reach the nature area.

"The benefits of a natural area are there. We've got osprey, we've got eagles, and on the river we've got some beavers," he explained. "We have trails that are initiated there, and some hiking areas. It's not a big property. It's really river appreciation, because there's very little river access."

Access to the Bayfield River Flats area will be blocked as construction begins on a new pedestrian walkway to Bayfield River Flats Natural Area.

To learn more about the Bayfield River Flats Walkway project, or to donate, visit the Bayfield River Flats web page (

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