A doctor writing notes. File photo courtesy of © Can Stock Photo / photography33.A doctor writing notes. File photo courtesy of © Can Stock Photo / photography33.

Town confirms agreement to support accommodations for visiting doctors

The Society of United Professionals and the Town of Saugeen Shores have confirmed a long-standing agreement that covers accommodations for visiting doctors.

On May 23, the Committee of the Whole suggested that a Memorandum of Understanding with the Bruce Local of the Society be adopted. Each participant is obligated under the framework of this text to collaborate in support of community healthcare.

The Town has had a $1 yearly lease from the Society on two condominiums since 2014. For residents, locums, or new doctors, these condos offer temporary housing so they can get settled in and start offering treatment right away in clinics and hospitals.

Over 250 doctors have resided in the condos over the course of the last eight years, and as a result, the local physician team was permanently recruited.

The Committee of the Whole wants a renewed lease agreement for one of the condos, as well as assuming utility costs.

“We are grateful to the Society for their help in recruiting and retaining physicians in Saugeen Shores,” said Mayor Luke Charbonneau. “This memorandum is proof of both the Town and the Society’s commitment to our long-standing partnership to improve the quality of life for our residents.”

“The Society is proud to continue providing these condos to Saugeen Shores,” said Dave Ceksters, Bruce Local Vice President. “This donation is a way for us to help ensure our members and their families continue to have access to quality healthcare for years to come.”

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