File photo courtesy of © Can Stock Photo / ElenathewiseFile photo courtesy of © Can Stock Photo / Elenathewise

Canada's carbon tax increases

Canada’s national carbon price made its biggest jump ever Saturday, rising $15 per tonne of greenhouse gases.

The increase to $65 per tonne comes as part of the federal government’s strengthened climate plan. The annual rate will increase by $15 yearly from now until 2030, after previously going up by increments of $10.

The increase will add $1.30 to the cost of filling a 40-litre tank, and $5.22 to the average monthly household natural gas bill.

The federal government says the goal is to encourage people to cut back on their use of greenhouse-gas emitting fuels, while limiting the impact on a household budget through rebates.

As a result, there will also be an increase to the carbon price rebate cheques issued to families.

Ontario residents will receive a 31 per cent rebate increase this year. Those in Saskatchewan will get a 24 per cent increase, Manitoba 27 per cent and Alberta residents will get an extra 43 per cent.

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