ABCA wetlands project (Photo by Bob Montgomery)ABCA wetlands project (Photo by Bob Montgomery)

Ausable Bayfield Conservation marks World Water Day

The Ausable Bayfield Conservation Authority is celebrating World Water Day  with an updated report card on the state of local forests, wetlands and water.

Healthy Watersheds Manager Mari Veliz said they update the report card every five years and they look at things like surface water quality, ground water quality, forest conditions and wetlands. She added each of those areas have a number of sub-indicators they look at and in some cases there have been improvements.

“Overall the grades aren't really changing and if you think about the number of people and the amount of activities on our landscape, whether that be through agriculture or more urban development, it is very good in a way that the state is not changing,” she explained.

Veliz said it's still important that they continue to monitor for issues.

“There certainly could be more forests, the water quality could be improved, but things are staying consistent and in some cases getting a little better. And I want to acknowledge the hard work of the folks that are planting trees or putting in wetlands or rain gardens or managing the water on their property,” she continued.

Velize said  people don't always realize that every one of those seemingly small efforts do make a difference in the bigger picture. The report card recommends actions people, community groups, and agencies can take to improve their local environment. More information about the report card can be found by clicking here.


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