OPP Cruiser. Blackburn News file photo.OPP Cruiser. Blackburn News file photo.

South Bruce OPP urge safe St. Paddy's Day celebrations

The Community Safety and Media Relations officer with South Bruce OPP reminds residents that St. Patrick's Day can be a fun celebration, but people need to make sure they also have a chance to enjoy the day after, by ensuring a safe ride home.

South Bruce OPP Constable Kevin Martin said an impaired driving charge means an immediate 90 day license suspension, a seven day vehicle impoundment and potentially large fines or jail time.

"But at the end of the day, if you think about yourself and the other drivers out there, and this risk you put them in. If somebody is seriously hurt, or killed, at the hands of an impaired driver, those consequences are leaps and bounds worse, never mind the fact that now a family has t mark the death of a loved one on St. Paddy's Day, instead of a celebration," he explained.

Martin urged people to arrange a safe drive home, or a sleep over.

"There are many alternatives. A ride with a friend. A designated driver is a very safe way home. Call a taxi. If it's at somebody's place, perhaps there's a spare bed. Arrange for that sleepover," he added.

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