North Perth Municipal Office Listowel (Blackburn News file photo)North Perth Municipal Office Listowel (Blackburn News file photo)

Council adopts county's Diversity, Equity and Anti-Racism Charter

North Perth Council recently reviewed and adopted a Diversity, Equity and Anti-Racism Charter.

Mayor Todd Kasenberg notes that county council got the initiative started during the last term, and the idea was spearheaded by citizen requests. Kasenberg says the county hired a consulting firm and passed the charter a little over a year ago, and North Perth has now officially signed on. He says the goal now is to use the charter as a positive reinforcement in the community.

"The charter is sort of a living, breathing document, that sort of helps staff, at least in the county, and now in North Perth, evaluate programming and contracts and all manner of activities, that try to create and celebrate, the diversity that exists in our county," Kasenberg explained.

Now that North Perth has officially adopted it, Kasenberg says there are certain actions in the charter that can be undertaken.

"Various types of reporting and audits. In the case of North Perth, council did elect to establish a committee, and now our next steps are obviously to recruit volunteers from the community to sit on that committee alongside members of council," said Kasenberg.

Kasenberg adds that he's proud of North Perth's efforts to remain an open and welcoming community for all, and the charter gives the municipality an opportunity to refocus and find new ways of continuing that message. He says he looks forward to working with people locally from various backgrounds to help take the principles of the charter forward.

"Indigenous people, people of colour, who are black, people on the LGBTQ2s+ spectrum. I look forward to seeing them engage with this, and help us build the kind of community where all feel welcome, and all can contribute in ways that are respectful and appreciated by all," Kasenberg concluded.

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