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Council will look to the public for guidance regarding strategic plan

North Perth Council examined an update on their progress with the municipal strategic plan recently.

Mayor Todd Kasenberg says work is continuing on the plan to cover the 2023-26 time frame.

"What was brought forward, of course, was a request to continue the engagement of the consultant so that more work can be done, more focused interviews and data collection, and more sort of exploration of the possibilities that we've identified as sort of new strategic planks," Kasenberg shared.

Kasenberg says as always, the municipality will be seeking public engagement regarding the contents of the strategic plan update. He says in the near future, council and staff will utilize https://yoursaynorthperth.ca/ to engage with residents and get ideas for the plan going forward.

"We try to maintain ongoing opportunities for input on YourSayNorthPerth, a website that is available to all citizens, and certainly, while I don't know the details yet, there will be an opportunity for public comment on the draft of the plan that comes forward," added Kasenberg.

North Perth continues to grow and evolve, Kasenberg adds, and the update to the strategic plan will help guide the municipality on how to manage that growth and use it to their advantage.

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