CO Alarm sitting on a ledge. (Photo by Abi Begum from Alarm sitting on a ledge. (Photo by Abi Begum from

Tips to keep your family safe from carbon monoxide

It's Carbon Monoxide Awareness Week and a local fire prevention officer is sharing some tips to keep your family safe.

West Perth and Perth East fire prevention officer James Marshall said carbon monoxide is a colourless, odourless gas that can be emitted from fuel burning appliances.

"Maybe their using wood to heat their house, propane, natural gas, [or] heating oil. They might have a corn stove outside or an attached garage," said Marshall. "And through incomplete combustion you end up with increased levels of carbon monoxide in your house which eventually will hurt you."

Marshall said children and pets are more susceptible to carbon monoxide poisoning and will be impacted quicker and harder than adults.

"Depending on the levels that you have in your house, it might make you feel sick, nauseous, [or] drowsy. It could lead to confusion and then eventually as it builds up we do find that it can kill people."

It is the law to have a carbon monoxide alarm outside all sleeping areas. Marshall told CKNX News Today it does not matter what type of alarm you install.

"The weight of the gas is very similar to oxygen so it goes everywhere in your house," explained Marshall. "It doesn't hang out low on the floor, it's not up high near your ceiling like what you might have with smoke. So...if it's designed to be plugged in or it's designed to be up and you're following your manufacturer's specifications then you're fine."

Carbon Monoxide Awareness Week runs from November 1st to 7th.

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