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Experienced discrimination? Huron County's Immigration Partnership wants to hear from you

Huron County's Immigration Partnership is working with the University of Guelph on a study investigating discrimination experienced by immigrants, visible minorities, and Indigenous people.

Immigration Partnership Manager Mark Nonkes says a study done in 2021 about discrimination in Huron and Perth Counties provided statistical evidence of discrimination experienced by immigrants, visible minorities, and Indigenous people in comparison to white, non-immigrants.

“This study looks a little bit more deeply at discrimination: How does it take place? Where does it take place? So we're trying to get real data about people's experiences so that we can address this in a meaningful way,” explained Nonkes.

A recent survey on discrimination was conducted in London, and Huron and Perth Counties found that discrimination in the two counties was 20 per cent higher than in London.

“So the numbers tell us that it may be worse in a rural setting than it is in urban centres, so that is a concern,” he said.

Nonkes says they're currently looking for participants for their study who have experienced discrimination. Eligible participants must be older than 18 years-of-age , a resident of Huron County, and identify as an immigrant, visible minority and/or an Indigenous person. Those that qualify will be invited to participate in an individual or group interview by Zoom or by phone. Interviews will likely take up to one hour. Participants will be given a $50 e-gift card as an expression of gratitude for their time. Nonkes say they hope to be able to keep the recruitment process open until mid-November.

To sign up, click this link.

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