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Taste of Huron series returns

Huron County's very popular Taste of Huron is back.

Tourism Development Officer, Rick Sickinger says Taste of Huron started as a series of events in September of 2009 and continued until the year of the Goderich tornado in 2011 and it was never revived after that. He says they brought back a web site with self guided tours six or seven years ago, but now it's back with a new Taste of Huron web site and in person events through October. Sickinger says over the years several people have asked that they bring back the event and it he says it's not surprising.

"Then again, we're in Huron County and it just makes so much sense to celebrate the harvest and the rich agricultural bounty that we have in this area and the amount of food and so a lot of people asking for us to bring that back," Sickinger said.

Sickinger says the new Taste of Huron web site is now up and running. Thanks to some tourism relief funding, they've been partnering with Community Futures Huron on the web site and the in person events will start in October.

"There's both a map and a listing feature and it lists all of the local food and beverage producers and growers, so if you're looking for a farm to table restaurant, if you looking for one of the craft breweries we now have, anything to do with local food and beverage, you can find it," added Sickinger.

The web site also has a schedule of the events coming up in October, including Oktoberfest on Ontario's West Coast.

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