Welcome Week hikes planned in Huron County

Welcome hikes are two of the events that are part of the Welcoming Week, hosted by the Huron County Immigration Partnership and its community partners.

Communications Officer Mark Nonkes says they have two hikes planned. The first is on Saturday, September 10 at 10 a.m. at the Maitland Woods.

“People can meet at the Knights of Columbus parking lot and the second hike is on September 14th, which is next Wednesday, at 1:00 PM and that's at the Sifto Loop and people are meeting at the big rock in front of Menesetung Bridge on North Harbour Road,” he said. “The hike is for people who haven't been on the trails in our area before and it's lead by people who are experts with the wildlife of this area and knowing the plants and the animals that live there.”

Nonkes says Welcoming Week celebrates everyone who has moved into the Huron County community, including immigrants, by celebrating diversity and our differences and recognizing that our differences make us stronger.

Nonkes says they hope to have a Ukrainian interpreter on hand for the second hike and one of their goals is to bring together people who may not know each other but share a similar interest in walking the trails. More information about the Welcome Hikes can be found on the Huron County Immigration Partnership website.

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