Fine issued after cottage build in Bayfield didn't have permits

The Ausable Bayfield Conservation Authority’s Water and Planning Manager, Geoff Cade, says the Authority was put in a difficult situation recently regarding a property in the Bayfield area.

A land owner and a construction company tore down an existing cottage and started building another one without having any permits.

“So were here to help people with that and our Authority has some good resources here in the office to provide advice to people and to help them determine what the best action is on their property and where the best place to build is," said Cade. "Unfortunately they didn't have any permits, either the conservation authority or the building permits, so, while we try to work with people, this was a situation where we couldn't resolve our concerns.”

Cade says the contractor that was involved did plead guilty in court last week and was assessed a $5,000 fine.

One of the concerns the Ausable Bayfield Conservation Authority has is if people start taking matters into their own hands and start building or altering the shoreline without any permits.

And Cade points out their goal is to work with people through the projects they're undertaking, rather than having to lay charges later.

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