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County working to address affordable housing options

Huron County has a new plan to try and increase affordable housing options in the area.

In a release, the county states they've created the Housing Renewal Plan.

The plan, according to the release, will "make sure the County has shovel-ready properties ready for affordable housing investment when opportunities arise, opportunities such as federal grants, provincial funding, local partnerships and/or other financing that support the development of affordable housing units."

The plan will aim to seek out opportunities to create affordable housing units on properties that the County already owns, or properties that may be made available for housing by other levels of government.

For more information on Huron County Planning and Development Services, visit:

The Huron County Housing Renewal Plan by TWC Consulting Inc. can be viewed online here:

"Housing is one of the top priorities of County Council,” said Denise Van Amersfoort, Manager of Planning. "The County owns several properties which could accommodate additional affordable housing units and the Housing Renewal Plan ensures those sites are ready for development.”

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