Consulate General of Bulgaria to visit Varna

Bulgaria's Consulate General will be paying a visit to the community of Varna on Friday.

Bluewater Mayor Paul Klopp explains Shipka and Varna, both have sister cities in Bulgaria and this is a good opportunity for Consulate General, Velislava Panova, to come out into the country and get to know the area. In fact, she has already visited Shipka, which in Bulgaria, is located in the Balkan Mountains. Varna is the third-largest city in Bulgaria and is a seaside resort town there.

Klopp says the Consulate General will be arriving in Varna, from Toronto, around 11:30 and they'll meet at the Wedding Cake Cottage, which is a renovated church in Varna. Klopp says the public is definitely invited to join them in a social time there with some refreshments and then do a walk around Varna.

In her role as Consulate General, Panova serves as a representative of Bulgaria in Canada, helps Bulgarians in Canada with documentation such as passports, and assists with solving issues Bulgarian residents and visitors in Canada come across.

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