Ontario Liberal Leader Steven Del Duca via Zoom on January 25, 2022. Ontario Liberal Leader Steven Del Duca via Zoom on January 25, 2022.

Liberal leader calls for action as COVID-19 case counts soar

Ontario Liberal Leader Steven Del Duca says it's time for the province's Medical Officer of Health to address skyrocketing COVID case counts.

Del Duca wants Ontario to restore Dr. Kieran Moore's regular media conferences that ended over a month ago.

He adds it's a huge mistake for Doug Ford to move ahead with the plan to end all mask mandates in long-term care homes and hospitals on April 27th.

He said mask mandates need to remain until this 6th wave wanes. And he wants to see those mandates expanded to include essential indoor settings such as schools, pharmacies and grocery stores.

"Speaking of schools, they are now ground zero for COVID spread. Ford and Lecce's failures have made them our weakest link in containing COVID. In addition to requiring masks to be worn, the Ford government’s lack of effort to increase our poor childhood vaccination rates needs to change," said Del Duca. “Finally, it's also time Ontarians stopped being forced to guess if they're sick or contagious. Ontario Liberals demand that Ford Conservatives make PCR tests accessible to all Ontarians. Doug Ford is failing to keep Ontarians safe. It's time he got back to work.”

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