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North Perth looking to possibly develop land for business use

North Perth Council is considering developing some municipally owned lands for the purpose of attracting more businesses to the area.

CAO Kris Snell says at this week's meeting, council discussed the potential of utilizing land the municipality bought a few years ago on Wallace Avenue in Listowel as part of the Northeast Employment Lands Business plan.

"If they can assist with the development of employment lands and keep our local economy healthy and robust, it's certainly one of the strategic goals of our council. It does look like the land can be developed and still be sold at market value, and the municipality can recoup the costs."

Snell adds council directed staff to continue the process of looking into the cost of developing the land for the purposes of developing it for potential businesses and employers.

"The report was received positively from council, and council has provided staff with direction to continue with the planning and development of those employment lands. That was the reason behind the purchase of the north property on Wallace a few years ago, and we're just progressing through this to bring it to the stage where we can sell it and bring more businesses to the community to ensure our economy stays healthy and we have jobs locally."

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