Perth-Wellington MPP Randy Pettapiece. (Submitted photo)Perth-Wellington MPP Randy Pettapiece. (Submitted photo)

Brand new peopleCare long-term care facility to be rebuilt in Stratford

Perth-Wellington MPP Randy Pettapiece was joined by Minister of Long-Term Care, Rod Phillips, this morning for an announcement via zoom regarding a local long-term care project.

Following a flood in 2015, the peopleCare facility in Stratford was forced to close its doors. But after a recent approval of an application, Pettapiece says there is good news.

"peopleCare will reopen, it will rebuild in a new facility, stronger than ever. That's good news for all of us. It's especially good news for those who need a long-term care bed, not just today, but for decades to come."

Pettapiece says many people asked when the peopleCare facility could potentially come back after the 2015 flood. Minister Phillips gave an answer today.

"We'll be adding 100 new and 60 upgraded beds right here in Stratford. These beds will be built in a brand new home licensed to peopleCare Communities, and construction is expected to begin in the fall of this year. This home is going to be built in an area where long-term care spaces, new ones and redeveloped ones, are needed. The home will be part of a campus of care so that residents have access to senior's services, and alternative housing in addition to the specialized care they need and deserve."

Stratford Mayor Dan Matheson was on hand for the announcement, as well, and he says this a major win for the area and for families and seniors.

"Today's announcement of 100 new beds and of course the 60 that were in the previous facility, to create a new 160 bed facility, is a much needed boost for the seniors in our community, and of course continues to put us in a positive spot so we can care for our most vulnerable and our elderly."

Minister Phillips pointed out that this new project is in addition to other beds being added in the area.

"This is in addition to some other projects that are happening in Perth County, including 66 new and 62 upgraded beds at Kingsway Lodge in St. Marys , 3 new beds at the Knollcrest expansion in Milverton, and 128 upgraded beds at the Ritz-Lutheran Villa in Mitchell."

“Because this project is moving forward, many more people who need care will get it,” says Pettapiece. “That is why I have been actively supporting this proposal for well over four years at every opportunity. This announcement is fantastic news for seniors, their families, and the entire community. I congratulate peopleCare on their successful application, and I thank them for persistently making the case to reinvest in our area. I also want to thank the City of Stratford, the County of Perth, Huron Perth Healthcare Alliance, Huron Perth & Area Ontario Health Team, and all those who supported it.”


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