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South Bruce council will look at suggestions to gage 'willingness' tied to NWMO project

South Bruce council will take a look at a report on how best to measure 'willingness' when it comes to a Nuclear Waste Management Organization project that would store used nuclear fuel.

There were several months of consultation, led by GHD Limited. The draft report was released to the Community Liaison Committee last Thursday.

Katrina McCullogh was the Community Engagement Specialist and she says there were a number of suggestions on how to measure willingness but some other themes emerged as well.

"In addition, residents provided a lot of commentary on what they value through a decision making process. For example they want everyone in South Bruce to have a voice, they value transparency and open dialogue," said McCullough.

A total of 230 individuals participated in the process through one or more of the engagement activities. Those included in-person workshops, an online survey, workbooks, telephone calls and more.

A referendum seemed to be the recurring tool to be used to measure 'willingness'.

But McCullogh says it will be up to council.

"So it's up to council on how to determine willingness," added McCullogh. "They can use the information and the feedback to decide what processes can be used."

The final report is expected to be looked at by South Bruce Council at its November 9 meeting.

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