The Hanover Hospital is located on the west side of Hanover. ( stock photo by Brent Tremble)The Hanover Hospital is located on the west side of Hanover. ( stock photo by Brent Tremble)

Hanover hospital employees must be vaccinated to work there

The hospital reported that effective January 1, 2022, all employees and physicians, except those with a well-documented and approved medical exemption, are required to be fully vaccinated (post 14 days of 2nd dose).

Employees and physicians that choose not to comply with this policy by the deadline will be deemed to have resigned from their position at HDH.

A media release added "The safety of patients and staff is of the highest priority and ensuring staff and physicians are vaccinated is a big part of that."

“Unvaccinated healthcare workers in higher risk settings such as hospitals pose risk to patients, their colleagues, and themselves, and to the capacity of the healthcare system due to the potential introduction of COVID-19 into the setting. Knowing all of this, it is imperative that HDH take the position that vaccination against COVID-19 is mandatory for all of our employees and credentialed staff”, Dana Howes, President and CEO.

“95% of our staff have gotten vaccinated, and 100% of our physicians have gotten vaccinated. We are so proud of them because it demonstrates their commitment to providing safe patient care and ensuring a safe environment for their colleagues; it also demonstrates their confidence in Public Health strategies to control COVID-19,” said Howes.

“We want to thank our Board of Governors for endorsing the notion that all HDH staff must be vaccinated by the new year – Their support on this policy further conveys the urgency and  importance of moving HDH in the direction of compulsory vaccination. The Board is truly committed to the Hospital’s vision of ‘providing exceptional care’ and we are truly grateful of this commitment,”  added Howes.

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