North Perth taking action against homelessness and looking for affordable housing

North Perth has joined forces with a number of local organizations to continue tackling homelessness and affordable housing.

A recent release in the form of an infographic was shared showing initiatives that are already underway locally to help with the issues. North Perth Mayor Todd Kasenberg says the issues are not just in urban areas, they affect places like North Perth, too.

"Our market, because we are a fairly desirable place to be, we're seeing significant increases in the costs of purchasing a home, in the costs of renting in our community. It's not a unique problem, but we are certainly feeling a lot of pressure right now."

Kasenberg says North Perth, alongside United Way Perth-Huron, the City of Stratford Social Services and The Salvation Army, are trying to find solutions.

"All the way to how do we actually get new builds and changed builds that are affordable and presentable and all with that sort of singular goal of making sure that everyone who wants to be housed is housed properly and appropriately for their circumstance."

The group is trying to get more partners and organizations to join them in finding more solutions to homelessness and affordable housing.

"We're trying to collect, of course, more people and more organizations to be part of that journey of building appropriate, compassionate, but financially prudent housing options in our community."

The infographic is available below:

North Perth, the City of Stratford Social Services, United Way Perth-Huron and The Salvation Army have partnered up to try and tackle issues of homelessness and affordable housing in the area. (Courtesy of North Perth)


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